Some Thoughts about Minimalism

Reduce to the essentials is very common and good advise for photographers and I admit that I occasionally had to crop overly ambitious pictures in which I included too much.

Now if we browse around Flickr or any other photo sharing platforms we usually stumble across a perfect minimalist picture of an orange on a table, a nail in the wall or… They immediately grab our attention. They are clear and brilliant, we get them immediately. But do I want to back to this picture and look at it again? If I follow this photographer and he publishes every day several nails or fruits or other minimalist pictures do I want to see it more often? Rather not. What for? Why? There is nothing happening in such pictures, no story.

I am also interested in Interior Design. Minimalist designs are sure attention grabbers. But they are mostly too sterile for living in them. Such designs tell nothing of me, I am a foreign body in a usual minimalist room. I am not at home.

Altogether I find that most minimalist pieces of art or design wear off very rapidly and get boring. Reducing should not be overdone in art. We should strive be very specific and we should reduce if it enhances a story but reducing by itself has no artistic value.

To close this post I would like to showcase my two most minimalist pictures.

Table with left dishes and chopsticks in the afternoon sun

Table at a Hawker Center

A black and white photo of a sprinkler. Blurred background