The Shadow Muse: Our Dark Side and Art

Recently I found this wonderful article by creativity coach Jill Badonsky:

The Shadow Muse

Well written and very inspirational. I love how playful she approaches such  a heavy topic.


C.G. Jung  introduced the concept of the Shadow, all the material of us which we repress because they do not fit into our picture of who we think we should be. This is our dark side and our weaknesses.

But we are not authentic without them and can not create authentic stories and art without expressing our shadow material. All these silly, obscene, psychotic, violent ideas which pop out from some dark corners of our unconscious mind are  important building blocks for art and add depth.

Keith Johnston has written more about this and that self censoring of such thoughts is a major roadblock for our creativity in his book „Improvisation for the Theatre“. But this exceeds this short post.