Happy Chinese New Year

A man walks through the rain in front of a shop window decorated for Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

A slow shutter photo of people shopping for Lunar New Year decorations in a mall

Shopping for Chinese New Year

The time around Chinese New Year feels very much like Christmas season in Germany. The city is nicely decorated and festive markets are set up. People are full of expectations and there is this deep feeling of comfort. The rituals and the childhood memories nurture it. But it is about bonding with our families and our fellows in the same culture and country by sharing emotions. On the other side it is a stressful time for everyone , preparing, planning, shopping…

Chinese New Year is for foreigners a difficult time in many places of Asia. Often it is crowded, expensive and many cities come to total stand still, most businesses including grocery shops and restaurants are closed. Add to this all the taboos and superstitions when interacting with others. I have been so often in Saigon for Chinese New Year and there it was not my favourite time.

But in Guangzhou it is a nice time. The city empties, no rush hours or queues. And enough stores and pubs stay open. Also people tend to be easy and not very superstitious. I usually stay here for the New Year and work and instead travel a bit later.

Here are some more impressions of Guangzhou’s New Year decorations

Bridge and buildings at the Pearl River beautifully illuminated

New Year’s Eve on the Pearl River

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy New Year of the Dog