After Chinese New Year

Kumquat fruits spilling over the asphalt from a discarded Lunar New Year Tree

After Chinese New Year

A few  days ago I wrote about Chinese New Year and how much it reminds me of Christmas In Europe.

After the Christmas season ends in Germany I always felt this hungover, sombre mood, certain sense of emptiness and the longing for the next time. Today I usually celebrate Christmas in Singapore but I still feel it. My observation is that  many Chinese feel very similar after Chinese New Year celebrations.

After Christmas Germans usually discard their Christmas trees to collection points by the road. Chinese have Kumquat trees in their houses for Lunar New Year celebrations and discard them to collection points roughly a week after New Year.

The sight of these abandoned trees reflects the hangover mood. In this picture a tree toppled over and the fruits spilled over the road. Some are already crushed by cars and they seem to fade away like the memories of the festivities.